For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers promising 2012–2013 season we set out to restore faith and rouse fans in The Bay. Fan engagement was the name of the game so we initiated digital tailgates brought fans together under one digital roof. Using our Bucs Life mobile app and social media they could find, join and create Krewes, hoist the flag and feature their content on the Bucs Facebook, IG and Twitter.

With a new homebase we rallied everyone behind the iconic Buccaneer flag and celebrated the glory and the pride of the Bay.

While the Bucs ended  the season with a losing record the franchise went from dead last in fan engagement and overall experience to number three in the NFL.


Art directed with my creative partner, Al James.
Created directed by Steve Luker, Scott Cromer and Mike McCommon Creative team included Aaron James, Claiborne Colombo, Shaun Mendiola, Ryan Wesley Peterson, Emma Barnett & Nik Drellow.